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About Lake Country Montessori

Lake Country Montessori was founded in 2001 and offers preschool and kindergarten education programs to communities in Lake Country, Wisconsin, including Hartland, Pewaukee, Delafield, Oconomowoc, Waukesha and surrounding areas.

Lake Country Montessori is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It was founded with the purpose of providing high-quality Montessori education in a nurturing environment, in order to build tomorrow's leaders.

Lake Country Montessori is governed by a five-member Board of Directors and enjoys the full and active support of its parental community.

Our school was founded on the principles of Montessori education as established by Dr. Maria Montessori. We believe in helping the child gain as much independence as possible, caring for both himself and others in his environment. The child directs his own activities, choosing his work throughout the morning. The teacher, in turn, guides each child to reach his potential and become his best self. He gains confidence, responsibility, concentration, self-discipline, compassion and an awareness of the world around him.

Our teachers are trained in the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), AMS (American Montessori Society) or NAMC (North American Montessori Center) system of education and have over 40 combined years of Montessori teaching experience.

Parents who come to observe the children in our classrooms find a peaceful, joyful environment, buzzing with activity. They are amazed by the way the morning flows and how readily children occupy themselves with purposeful work all morning long, communicating with each other easily.

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Discover Our Faculty

A truly unique and close knit group of individuals who ensure we provide a

positive, caring, beautiful and educational environment for both the children and

the teachers to enjoy each day.

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Ms. Kim Lemmer-Asby

Children's House Lead Teacher

Ms. Kim holds a Primary (ages  3 - 6 years old) credential from the American Montessori Society and has been a teacher for over 35 years. She considers Montessori methods especially beneficial because they allow teachers to reach students at their own level and foster independence and confidence in every student.

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Miss Pam Woyte

Children's House Assistant Teacher

Miss Pam joined LCM in the Children's House and brings over 25 years of experience working with families and children. She desires to help children reach their potential and guide them toward meaningful growth and believes a Montessori classroom provides the ideal environment for children to learn and grow.

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Miss Simone Nielsen

Toddler House Lead Teacher

Miss Simone joined us as an administrator and is now our lead teacher in the Toddler House classroom. She received her International Montessori Teaching Diploma from NAMC.  Miss Simone works to create an inspiring and engaging learning environment in which children feel safe and secure.

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Miss Jessica Schulz

Toddler House Assistant Teacher

Miss Jessica provides assistance in the LCM Toddler Room as well as loving and consistent care into the afternoon during our aftercare program. She is passionate about Montessori's philosophy of following children, helping them work independently and respectfully, allowing for the joy of learning and fostering and enhancing each child's natural wonder.

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